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Sunglasses for your face shape: RECTANGLE FACES

Hey there! It’s only been a while since we last gave away recommendations about how to choose the most suitable and stylish pair of sunglasses for your face. Hopefully some of you could already apply the tips we shared. Well, if not, then today might be your lucky day - if rectangular face is the one you’re blessed to see in the mirror!

So, first things first, let’s figure out if your face is really fitting the rectangular type. It’s frankly pretty hard to do on your own but with our help the task won’t seem that complicated after all! Read this short description below and if you can undoubtedly tick off all the points on the list most likely you are reading the right article:

• Your face is oblong and thin

• Its length is certainly outstripping the width

• Your cheekbones are mostly in line with your jawbones and temples

• Your jawline has even and soft angles, and you might as well have a pointy chin

There might however be some confusion as to how to distinguish between oval and rectangular shape. A general tip is to check if your jawline resembles a half-circle - in that case it is definitely an oval face! Otherwise, a rectangular shape is confirmed you can scroll down to read a bunch of nice ideas we’ve collected specially for you.


Ladies with mesmerizing Liv Tyler-like facial shape will intuitively heed more attention to bulky, hulking models that help to evidently balance the proportions of your face and tend to be a statement accessory. You are right, oversized sunglasses are definitely a must-have!

Shapewise, your best option would be square or round frames. You will stand out in wayfarers that will do the trick of visually widening your cheekbones. If you are a sassy girl, you can hit it off with chilled pilot frames such as all-time favourite aviators. While stylish clubmaster or cat-eye frames will nicely accentuate your jawline and make your look fleek and high-class if that’s what you’re after!

Sunglasses for your face shape rectangle faces women



Men’s selections are quite often less abundant, however, this time it’s not the case! Handsome square frames or large wrap frames that come full-rimmed is a perfect choice to compliment a casual outfit. Gitchy colorful lenses with contrasting dark bold lines will make your look funkier. For guys opting for a more swaff and neat gander a pair of round half-rimmed clubmasters is advisable. If you also wear them with a smart-casual garments or gentlemen’s suit, damn man! You might as well be called dapper!

As a general rule avoid small thin frames - they will look clumsy. Unlike dark-color, oversized models that will visibly widen your narrow bone structure and make your look swagnificent!

Sunglasses for your face shape rectangle faces men

Classy or sexy, smart or funky - for any style preference you got you can find lots of nicely fitting, colorful and traditional black frames for oblong faces. Check them with the help of our virtual try-in tool! Try it yourself, or invite a friend to get a second opinion. By the way, still no match for you? In next week’s face shape guide we’ll kick off some variations for all of you round faces. We’ll be back soon!


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