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Top 3 Sport Sunglasses on eyerim.com

If you mean your fave outdoor activity for real, you know the value of sport sunglasses. Because glare, wind, dust, sand, snow, salty water and more nuisances can make being healthy, active and fit much harder than it really is. What sport sunglasses do we think are the best choice for running, cycling and cross-country skiing/hiking? 

1. Oakley Sutro: Cycling sport sunglasses

   Oakley Sutro: Men Sport sunglasses Cycling    Oakley Sutro: Men Sport sunglasses Cycling

What glasses to buy for cycling, you may wonder? Well, these Oakley Sutro cycling sunglasses are perfect for your ride around town, little weekend KOM (King of mountain) race or chilled Sunday coffee ride. Other than learning this cool cycling slang and more about cycling than I ever aspired to know, Jozef confessed his eternal love for these Oakley cycling glasses that he now owns. Did you know that Egan Bernal, winner of Tour de France 2019, wore Oakley Sutro whilst on the winning ride? I didn’t. But Jozef, our cycling freak, did. 

Oakley Sutro: See the invisible. 

Are you of the opinion that cycling sport sunglasses are painfully uncomfortable under your helmet? They are not when wearing Oakley Sutro sunglasses. Although the lenses are huge, the frame is thin and lightweight but still perfectly sturdy. You won’t even feel these sport sunglasses on your face! And the PRIZM™ technology is just like an icing on the cake for your view during your ride. Oakley Sutro sport sunglasses are a big part of 2019 Oakley collection of sport sunglasses. Better, faster, bolder. Designed with performance in mind - Oakley Sutro, collection 2019.

Oakley Sutro: Men Sport sunglasses Cycling

2. Julbo Aerolite: Running sport sunglasses

Julbo Monterosa: Women Sport sunglasses Running   Julbo Monterosa: Women Sport sunglasses Running

Fun, vivid, dazzling - that’s how both Andrea and these women Aerolite sunglasses really are. Perfectly holding on your face when on a light jog or after-work, stress-relieving sprint. No matter what kind of outdoorsy activity you enjoy, these Julbo running sunglasses are the one thing you’re probably missing. 

Julbo: Protecting your eyes since 1888

Jules Baud, the founder of the eyewear brand Julbo, designed his first sunglasses at a request of crystal hunters who wanted to protect their eyes from the bright mountain sun. Julbo, famous for their innovative, and also first in the history, “glacier” sunglasses in the 1950s, are now well known for their multiactivity sport sunglasses. Julbo sport sunglasses are comfortable, stay on your face, come in many bold and vibrant styles and colours and have a good bit of history behind them. What more would you want in your new sport sunglasses?

Julbo Aerolite: Women Sport sunglasses Running

3. Oakley Wind Jacket: Cross-country ski sport sunglasses

Oakley Wind Jacket: Men Sport sunglasses Cross-mountain skiing   Oakley Wind Jacket: Men Sport sunglasses Cross-mountain skiing

Although Oakley Wind Jacket sport sunglasses are originally for cross-country skiing, our mate Samuel is a smart guy and knows well how not to waste these incredible cross-country sport sunglasses in summer too. Using them throughout winter for skiing and during summer for hiking and running, he does not waste money for 2 pairs of glasses and would much rather have one but decent. What a gem - both of them! And you can do that too with Oakley Wind Jacket, sport sunglasses that everybody wants and uses no matter the season or circumstance. 

Oakley Wind Jacket: Guarding your eyes in every season

We know - usually, every e-shop tries to make you buy glasses every season. We don’t. Be sustainable. Buy one, or two pairs of eyewear a year, but make sure the glasses are solid, sturdy and will stay with you for a while. Oakley sunglasses are exactly that and if you aren’t sure whether you’re holding the real Oakley eyewear or not, read this article - it’s super helpful! 

Oakley Wind Jacket: Men Sport sunglasses Cross-mountain skiing

Now you’re really ready for your favourite sport, my friend! Just dust off your bike, running or hiking shoes and go on. With your new perfect sport sunglasses, you’ll finally see the world in true colours. You know where to go first though, eyerim e-shop is where it’s always been. Just search for “sport sunglasses” and watch the world tune in. 


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