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Valentine’s Gift Guide - for HER

Valentine’s Day is behind the corner and your biggest challenge for the next few days is clear: find the perfect gift for YOUR valentine. What may seem as an easy-peasy task in the start, may change into mission impossible and may end up as last-minute and unwanted gift a.k.a. ‘disaster’. But not this time! Surprise your Valentine with a new pair of sunglasses or snow goggles or prescription glasses in the style they love. If you need some inspiration, take a look at some of our tips together with our Valentine’s Gift Guide for HER.


Some people just simply love to travel in time. Vintage, old-school is their second name. You will hit the bullseye with these round Ray Ban Ja-Jo sunglasses or these soft goldie Dolce&Gabanna sunnies. If your lovely girlfriend has worn prescription glasses, try these glasses MAX by eyerim collection - good price, top-notch lenses for free.

Retro lover - Valentines gift eyewear for HER Ray Ban Ja Jo round sunglasses


Her day without sports activity is a wasted day. If she is a passionate runner, maybe these Julbo sport sunglasses would be a good choice. For a ski/snowboard girl, we definitely recommend Oakley FLIGHT DECK XM with PRIZM technology. And what is even better, that these snow goggles are OTG  - possible to wear over the prescription glasses without losing comfort.

Sporty babe - Valentines gift eyewear for HER Oakley Flight Deck XM snow goggles


Clean and simple lines, that are Ray Ban Round Metal prescription glasses - made for woman, who loves minimalistic design. For minimalist femme fatale we have a tip from latest Marc Jacobs collection. And by the way, we have a special piece of ultra-minimalist prescription glasses - model Lucky in eyerim collection with transparent frame.

Minimalist - Valentines gift eyewear for HER Ray Ban Round Metal prescription glasses


Women are usually crazy in love with fashion and sunglasses are not an exception. For women, who love to stand out from the crowd, Prada sunglasses are one of the best options. Miu Miu sunglasses are famous for their French style and atypical frames, just like these. If she loves unusual glasses, Chloe octagonal prescription glasses are the perfect match.

Extravagant - Valentines gift eyewear for HER Prada sunglasses

Love is in the air and designer eyewear is a fantastic gift for someone you love! Check out our eyerim eshop for more inspiration here and choose a trendy present for your love. In case you are searching for help, feel free to contact our friendly and helpful customer service - they will give you a hand during picking the right gift.


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