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Prescription glasses online

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Everyone can shop prescription glasses online now.

You only need your receipt and a few clicks! With virtual try-on, you can try and shop glasses from the comfort of your home.


Straight from manufacturing to you.

No markups! On eyerim, you can afford 3 pairs of prescription glasses for the price of the ones in a traditional store.


Only the best. No surprises.

You get the highest quality lenses on the market. No more nonsense in the process - you’re in the clear from the start.

Lenses technology

Every lens is made of Hard Multi Xtra technology that´s packed with high-end lens features:

Every lens is made of Hard Multi Xtra technology that´s packed with high-end lens features:

  • Scratch-resistant
  • Super-hydrophobic
  • Anti-reflective
  • Smudgeproof
  • UV block
  • Dustproof
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Upgrade your lenses:

Blue light protection

Blocks the harmful blue rays from digital devices, which can cause eye strain, headaches or insomnia.


Blocks bounced sun rays. Appreciated by every sport enthusiast or driver.

Sunglass tint

83% tint for optimal protection from blinding glare during sunny days.


Adaptive, self-tinting glasses for all your needs. Dark during direct sunlight and are completely colourless inside rooms.

Frame materials


  • hypoallergenic made from renewable resources
  • lightweight and sturdy
  • more durable than classic plastic material
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  • durable and sturdy
  • lmalleability and corrosion resistance
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  • lightweight and affordable
  • comes in a variety of colours
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  • extra durable
  • flexible after bending will return to their original shape
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How you can get them? Simply:

  • Frame 1. Select frame
  • Frame 2. Prescription details
  • Frame 3. Set your lenses
  • Frame 4. Wait for them to arrive