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Frequently asked questions

What is eyerim?

eyerim is easy-to-use online store selling branded designer eyewear - sunglasses, prescription glasses and snow goggles.

Our goal is to offer “everything under one roof”. From all time favorites like Ray-Ban to hand-made collections from independent manufacturers, from functional sports frames to exquisite designer pieces.

eyerim offers free shipping to all EU countries. Thanks to our 30-day return policy, you shop without risk. All our products are 100% authentic and come with a 2-year warranty.

Why to shop eyewear online?

Shopping eyewear online is both safe and extremely convenient. But most importantly, buying designer sunglasses and prescription glasses on eyerim is up to 60% cheaper compared to offline retail prices.

Moreover, there is no brick-and-mortar store that can match our wide selection. Even the biggest offline stores usually hold only up to 500 pairs. eyerim sells thousands of products which are being updated every day, so you never miss the latest collections.

How can I pay?
  • Credit card / debit card - we accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • PayPal
  • BitCoin - we are young and innovative, that is why we accept the world’s leading digital currency!

Online payments with eyerim are lightning fast and absolutely safe. All transactions are processed through an encrypted payment gateway and we use industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and a receipt for the transaction.

Are the glasses authentic?

Yes, without the slightest doubt.

All products sold on eyerim are 100% original. Every model is shipped in its original packaging together with all accessories. If it is provided by the manufacturer, certificate of authenticity will also be contained in the package.

eyerim is an official reseller of Ray-Ban and all other brands listed on our website. We work directly with market leaders in eyewear industry such as Luxottica or Safilo that have been producing brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors and many more for decades in Italy. Find out more.

Moreover, our team has been taking care of people's eyes across the whole Europe for more than 3 years now, offering designer sunglasses and prescription frames of more than 80 world-known brands and this, we believe, would not be possible if we were offering you fake products, right? At eyerim we work hard to deliver 100% satisfaction and we promise nothing but quality, high standard and excellent service to all our shoppers

How do I know the glasses will suit me?

Knowing just a couple of basic rules makes choosing the right pair both exciting and effortless.

eyerim offers various search filters to narrow down the selection, but the most important factor to consider is the shape of your face:

Round faces are usually as wide as they are tall with a rounded jaw line and rounded cheekbones. Cheeks are full and broader than the forehead. We recommend rectangular frames, ideally with strong lines, to visually soften your cheekbones. Half-rim frames are a great choice to visually lengthen your face.

Squared faces have cheekbones, forehead and jawline of the same width. You should try round frames, oval frames or cat-eye frames that will soften the jaw. If you're looking for a rectangular frame then make sure it has rounded edges.

If your face is longer than it is wide (you have long forehead, high cheekbones and rounded jaw line), you should try frames with with a maximum lens coverage. Oversize frames are a great choice for you. This will give the illusion of extra face width and will help to break up the length of the face.

Heart shaped faces, also known as triangular shaped faces, are characterized by a wide forehead and small chin. Your choice should be squared frames or rectangular frames to balance your facial features. Round and oval frames also suit this type of face.

Oval faces have cheekbones a bit broader than the forehead and chin, resembling the shape of an egg. Oval faces are considered to be the perfect shape and should be able to carry most frame styles. You are free to experiment with different shapes. Important factor is the size.

Do not forget that in case you have a technical question or need styling advice, we are here for you at

Do the glasses come with a warranty?

Yes. eyerim offers its own 2-year warranty period for all products.

Each manufacturer defines warranty in a different way. Some brands are covered for a mere 6 months, while others for up to 24. There are thousands of different conditions, definitions and geographical restrictions. In eyerim, we want to unburden you from dealing with these. That is why we offer our own 2-year warranty period - with no strings attached.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects* without exception. The warranty does not cover damages to frame or lenses caused by ordinary day-to-day wear and tear (e.g. scratches) and harm arising from product misuse or accident.

In order to evaluate whether the defect is under warranty, please provide us with pictures and a description of the flaw at and we will get in touch.

* Manufacturing defects are flaws arising from the manufacturing process and non-conformance to the manufacturer's standards set for the particular product (defective hinges, discoloring, etc.). Manufacturing defects do not include design defects which are attributable to the product design rather than the manufacturing process.

How should I care for my glasses?

Premium sunglasses, prescription glasses, and snow goggles require careful treatment.

Improper care can lead to scratched lenses, which obfuscate your vision. The easiest way to prevent damage is to always keep your glasses in their protective case.

For cleaning, use soft cloth and liquid cleaner designed for eyewear lenses or premoistened lens towelettes. Never use handkerchiefs, paper towels or clothing because remains of dust and fibers can leave scratches. Also avoid using soaps, shampoos, household detergents and especially glass cleaners. These may contain aggressive substances that disintegrate lens coatings.

How do I recognize fake sunglasses?

Counterfeits are fake replicas sold with the intention to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product.

While fake watches or handbags pose relatively little danger to the customer, fake sunglasses can be extremely dangerous. Being made out of cheap materials, they rarely comply with safety standards and usually miss coating that prevents harmful UV radiation from damaging your eyes. Wearing a fake can often be worse for your eyes than wearing nothing at all.

Commitment to excellence is embedded in eyerim’s DNA. All products sold on our websites are authentic, manufactured mostly in Italy (Ray-Ban, Prada, Persol,...) or in the USA (Oakley) and use advanced lens technology that wipes out 100% of harmful UV rays.

Shopping on eyerim is a guarantee of receiving genuine items. But in case you want to try your luck elsewhere, there are a couple of general rules to follow:

  • Price. Branded sunglasses are worth their price. On eyerim, we are trying to offer the lowest prices possible. If you find something that is significantly cheaper or seems “too good to be true”, it is likely to be a fake.
  • Details. All genuine glasses are crafted from high-quality materials using the finest manufacturing processes. The temple hinges are usually molded from a single piece of metal. They should be clearly bolted to the glasses, not glued on or held in place with melted plastic. Brand emblem on the outer side of the temples should be embossed, not printed.
  • Model number imprint. The left temple from the inner side always features the model number and sizing information. Font size, spacing or alignment should be uniform and well readable, even for extremely thin metal temples, like for instance those of Ray-Ban Aviator.
  • Paint. Plastic frames are either cut from a single piece of organic acetate or injection molded from pre-dyed plastic. If you cut the frame through, the inner color of the plastic should be the same as the outer. Authentic sunglasses are never painted.
  • Packaging. Genuine eyewear always come in a branded retail box that contains a label featuring the barcode, manufacturer information and model name.
  • Weight. When you hold genuine glasses in your hands, you should feel some weight to them. They should feel solid and substantial, not abnormally light and fragile. If they do not seem likely to prevent wind from blowing a couple of paper sheets away, there's a good chance they're not real.
  • Sticker. If there is a sticker on the lens, it should not be a conventional adhesive one that will leave residue when pulled off. The sticker should be attached using static, not using glue.